Pauwels, as a manufacturer of food products, faces several challenges in the Retail sector. The market is often highly competitive, with limited shelf space and pricing pressures that can affect visibility and profitability. In addition, changing consumer preferences and seasonal fluctuations in demand can present challenges. This also involves new product references such as jars of mayonnaise.


To address these difficulties, we focus on strategies such as strengthening relationships with retailers, responding to promotions by creating additional spaces with displays in a retail outlet and using strategic locations in the territory. By being flexible and adapting to the changing needs of consumers, this is how Pauwels sauces can remain successful in the competitive retail market.

As a representative for Pauwels in the retail sector, you will deal with the challenges by:

  1. Building strong relationships with retailers, maintaining regular contact and supporting them in improving in-store presentation of Pauwels products.
  2. Providing advice and support to retailers in optimizing the shelf space and assortment of Pauwels products.
  3. Actively gather market intelligence on consumer trends and competition, and share it with the Pauwels team.
  4. Effectively communicate with the Pauwels team on challenges and opportunities, and collaborate on solutions to improve performance.

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