Sarawak’s Business Analytics collects the data from the various on-site audits done by the Sales & Merchandising Teams, analyses it, and gives you the insight you need to evaluate and further refine your approach.

At Sarawak, we have developed a customized, offline, mobile CRM Tool. This allows our Sales & Merchandising teams to collect all information & report all tasks done in-store for our customers.

Within our CRM tool we have an integrated Routing Tool which creates an efficient schedule that ensures that salespeople and merchandisers visit the right accounts at the right time. It optimizes routes to minimize wasted driving time, maximize time in shop and avoid interruptions.

Finally, for data reporting we use Power BI.

With Power BI, we get clear visualizations that turn the most complex data into easily digestible snapshots. We developed personalized live dashboards for the project managers so that they can follow the status of their teams on a daily basis and make adjustments where necessary.

We give our clients access to their personalized dashboards where they can follow all the results of the teams.

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