In 2013, we launched our Headhunting and Outsourcing services.

Our team of recruitment consultants has extensive experience in Sales & Marketing, which they use today to find the best talents with Sales & Marketing and administrative profiles for our clients.

Every year, 3,600 CVs find their way to Sarawak! Every week, we receive 32 candidates for an interview to find a new challenge together.

Good agreements make good friends! Therefore, we want to make the following points clear:

  • Sarawak does NOT require exclusivity;
  • We operate on a NO CURE, NO PAY business model;
  • We offer a 3-month guarantee on posted profiles.

What is Outsourcing?

With the Sarawak outsourcing service, we offer a solution on the market for all companies looking to increase their commercial, marketing or administrative support without increasing the number of people on their payroll.

Sarawak provides a service based on a well-defined service description.

Daily management, training, calendar planning and daily reporting are handled by the client and under the client’s supervision, but all payroll, holiday and evaluation issues are handled by Sarawak.

If our client is satisfied with the service provider, there is the option to take them over on their own payroll at a later date.

What is headhunting?

Headhunting is a recruitment method in which our specialised recruiters actively approach qualified candidates for specific positions.

Together with the Hiring Manager, we define the profile. Sarawak looks for the best profiles that fit the position and assists the client during the recruitment process. We manage interviews, recommend salaries and prepare a smooth onboarding. The candidate starts directly on the client’s payroll.

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