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Sarawak is a premium field marketing agency active in various domains. Travel Retail stands as one of our core activities at Brussels Airport, Brussels South Airport Charleroi, and Luxembourg Airport.

We take pride in providing high-quality service and flexible staffing solutions for a wide range of brands across various luxury sectors such as cosmetics, spirits and wine, chocolate, jewelry, and more. Our brand ambassadors are committed to delivering the highest level of hospitality to drive brand product sales and ensure an excellent and memorable customer experience.

Our core services in Travel Retail include Sales Advice, Makeup Sessions, Flyering & Sampling. We also offer specific solutions to proactively meet market needs (e.g., providing Asian translators when Brussels Airport increased its number of flights to and from Asia). Sarawak is a co-founder and member of an international network of staffing specialists and promotional agencies called APA. The association comprises 10 agencies covering over 80 European airports. Explore the unique and fascinating world of travel retail!

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