Within our dedicated Sales Force department, you have the opportunity to not only outsource your Sales Force team through Sarawak but also the direct & strategic management of these teams.

In mutual discussion and with clear KPIs, our teams are sent on the road to take your brand positioning and sales results to the next level.

Thanks to our high-performance CRM & reporting system, both the representative, the manager of the team and you have live access to all results. As a result, we ensure that you are kept on top of what is happening in all store locations.


Sarawak has several established multivendor sales teams in the Retail proximity and Out of Home channel. The biggest strengths? You can call on representatives with a great deal of experience within their region and channel for both 1 particular drive (6 weeks) or the entire year. Our multivendor approach means that you will have a dedicated sales team working for up to 4 non-competing brands in one particular region.

The main activities during such a drive are making introductions, selling promotions, negotiating optimal shelf placement and POS materials.

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