As a leading manufacturer of food products, how has Pauwels successfully addressed the ongoing challenges of the Retail sector?

As a leading manufacturer of food products, Pauwels faces the continuous challenges of the Retail sector. In this industry, where competition is fierce and shelving space as well as price pressure sets the rules of the game, maintaining visibility and profitability is a constant challenge. But Pauwels has proven to tackle these challenges with determination and smart strategies, especially with the introduction of new product references such as the goblet mayonnaise pots.

The Challenges of the Retail Market

The Retail sector is known for its tough competition, where shelf space is limited and price pressure affects product visibility. On top of that, changing consumer preferences and seasonal fluctuations in demand add complexity. But Pauwels is not standing still; it has armed itself with a proactive approach to meet these challenges.

What is Sarawak’s role?

The partnership with Sarawak, which dispatches Field Sales Representatives in shops, builds strong relationships with retailers and provides support in improving the in-store presentation of Pauwels products. This creates not only greater visibility but also loyalty among partners. Sarawak also plays a crucial role in betting on promotions by creating additional places with displays in the retail outlets and using strategic locations on the shelves, attracting consumers’ attention and boosting sales.

In addition, one of the Sales Representatives’ main tasks is also to increase the distribution of Pauwels’ various SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) at retailers’ Franchise shops. By working closely with these shops, the Sales Representatives strive to make a wide range of Pauwels products available to consumers.

Field Sales Representatives: The Driving Force behind Retail Success

    • Our Field Sales Representatives play a key role in improving product presentation and sales in shops. Their approach begins with a thorough introduction to the shop manager, where they not only introduce themselves, but also make it clear what role they perform and what brand they represent. This personal introduction lays the foundation for constructive cooperation between the Field Sales Representative and the shop.
    • After the introduction, the Field Sales Representatives focus on the shelf where the Pauwels products are presented. Here they analyse the current situation and identify possible optimisations. For example, placing products of the same brand next to each other on the shelf makes them more visible to customers, which increases the likelihood of sales. These subtle but effective adjustments contribute to an attractive presentation of products, improving the overall shopping experience.
    • Another important aspect of the Field Sales Representatives’ work is the installation of second placements, such as displays. These displays are strategically placed to attract customers’ attention and drive sales of specific products. By creating eye-catching presentations, Field Sales Representatives can reinforce brand perception and generate customer interest in new or promotional items.
    • Moreover, Field Sales Representatives actively gather market information on consumer trends and competition to share with the brand they represent. They communicate effectively with the team about challenges and opportunities, and collaborate on solutions to improve performance.

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