Sarawak’s Expertise in Action: Campofrio Promotion at Carrefour

🚀 At Sarawak, we specialize in Field Sales & Merchandising with a focus on logistical excellence. Our recent project for Campofrio at Carrefour is a shining example of our expertise in action.

🔍 On behalf of Campofrio, a prominent name in the food industry, we managed the logistics of marketing materials and the installation of an impressive promotional zone at Carrefour. Our efforts were directed towards the brands Aoste, Marcassou, and Justin Bridou, with every aspect of the presentation meticulously planned and executed.

🎯 Our strategy consisted of:

1️⃣ Logistic Efficiency: We ensured a smooth delivery and handling of marketing materials, essential for a successful promotion.

2️⃣ Strategic Placement: The choice of location at Carrefour was crucial. We made sure the products were maximally visible and accessible to customers.

3️⃣ Quality Installation: Our team guaranteed a flawless installation of the promotional zone, paying attention to detail to enhance the customer experience.

🤝 This project illustrates our commitment to quality and efficiency in everything we do. We are proud of the successful collaboration with Campofrio and look forward to future projects where we can support our clients with our specialized services.

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