Our collaboration with Parfois unfolds as follows:

Every year, Parfois seeks brand ambassadors to work in the INNO stores in Belgium. These brand ambassadors are on Sarawak’s payroll but are fully managed by Parfois. Our outsourcing service is responsible for recruiting and selecting suitable candidates.

Those working for Parfois immediately receive a permanent contract! The role of our ambassadors is to sell the brand in the INNO stores, achieve sales targets, execute visual merchandising, and manage inventory.

Our focus lies in selecting and deploying talented brand ambassadors carefully chosen to enhance Parfois’ brand image. From devising detailed business plans to surpassing profit objectives, Sarawak contributes to Parfois’ success. With a shared dedication to creativity and results-oriented approaches, Sarawak and Parfois transform challenges into opportunities, with each brand ambassador playing a crucial role in building a stronger and more dynamic brand image for Parfois.

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