Increased Brand Awareness and Sales for Rigoni Di Asiago through Tasting Promotions

Rigoni Di Asiago, a leading producer of organic and natural food products, approached us with the challenge of increasing their brand awareness and stimulating sales of their range at retailers such as Delhaize and Carrefour.

For Rigoni, we have assembled a dedicated team of trained tasting promoters who are deployed on Fridays and/or Saturdays at selected retailers. These promoters are carefully selected and trained to effectively convey Rigoni’s brand values and encourage consumers to taste and ultimately make a purchase.

The unique advantage we have in this tasting project is the collaboration with Sarawak’s field sales team. This team directly coordinates appointments with retailers to deploy our tasting promoters. Through direct communication with store managers, we can determine optimal locations and stock inventory for tastings, resulting in organized and increased visibility of Rigoni products in stores.

By deploying our team of tasting promoters in combination with direct appointments with stores, we help Rigoni to place their range more visibly in the market. We are proud of the measurable results we have already achieved and look forward to continuing our collaboration and achieving further successes.

Do you want to provide in-store tastings like Rigoni in this unique way? Contact us today to discuss how we can help grow and implement your brand in the competitive market.

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