Optimization of Makeup Furniture: The Crucial Importance of Merchandisers at Di and Kruidvat

Discover how Sarawak Belux contributes to the maintenance of makeup furniture in leading retail chains such as Di and Kruidvat. It is erroneous to think that this solely falls under the responsibility of the stores themselves. In reality, makeup brands attach great importance to the presentation of their products in-store. This is where our experienced merchandisers prove to be invaluable.


What does a merchandiser do?

A merchandiser is responsible for ensuring an optimal presentation of products in-store. Brands attach great importance to how their products are displayed and ensure that merchandisers are well-informed about the desired layout. These professionals are then deployed to optimize the presentation in stores, ultimately resulting in increased sales.


How does this process unfold at Di and Kruidvat?

Our merchandisers follow a procedure:

  1. Present themselves to the store manager

    One cannot simply enter the store and start working immediately. It’s important to keep the store informed. That’s why the first step is to approach the store manager and introduce oneself. This lays the foundation for effective collaboration.

  2. Taking a before-picture

    We have a reporting system available for our merchandisers. With this application, they take a photo of the furniture before starting. This way, customers can also see what the furniture looked like before its maintenance.

  3. Restocking of products

    It often happens that customers take makeup products without putting them back in the right place. This is one of the reasons why the visit of our merchandisers to the store is important.

  4. Stock controle

    Usually, underneath the furniture, there is a drawer containing various product references in stock. Our merchandisers use it to replenish if necessary, ensuring that the furniture is always well stocked.

  5. Checking testers

    Testers are regularly used and can become dirty or misplaced. Merchandisers ensure that testers are properly positioned and clean.

  6. Cleaning

    Our goal is to make the products shine, which is not possible if the furniture is covered in dust. That’s why our merchandisers always use a Swiffer on the furniture and use a small brush for narrower spots.

  7. Taking an after-picture

    Once the work on the furniture is completed, the merchandisers take a photo to show the result. Customers can then immediately see the difference compared to the before photo.

  8. completing the reporting system

    Our merchandisers answer various questions in the application to provide a more accurate picture of the tasks performed.

  9. Logging the visit

    Finally, our merchandisers record their visit in the store’s folder.

  10. It’s done! Time to move on to the next store!



Merchandisers play a crucial role in maintaining furniture. By ensuring optimal presentation, they enhance consumers’ shopping experience, leading to increased chances of additional sales.

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