Discover the power of brand activation with Sarawak, where we recently organized the HP Omen Gaming Event in various FNAC stores. Our focus was on highlighting HP Omen gaming products, allowing participants to take a deeper dive into the world of gaming.


With expertise in logistical support, Sarawak ensured a flawless execution of the event, while our dedicated brand ambassadors became the face of HP Omen. Through their enthusiasm, they brought the unique features of HP Omen to life, turning the event into more than just a gaming experience but a true immersion into the HP Omen brand.


The results spoke for themselves: increased brand awareness, positive participant feedback, and a successful event that resonated with our target audience. Curious about what we can do for your brand? Let’s work together on the next unforgettable brand activation. Sarawak, where brands come to life.

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