The current trend of replacing items at the slightest breakage is a perpetual struggle for Henkel. What if, instead of throwing away your cup with a broken handle or your pair of shoes with a detached sole, you repaire them using Loctite Super Glue 3?

This is the message that our promoter team and the Henkel brand activation team have been conveying during these past few months of activities.

Equipped with their beautiful bicycles proudly displaying the colors of Loctite, they enabled customers to repair everyday items to demonstrate the effectiveness of Loctite Super Glue 3.

As an additional challenge, for the strongest among them, a jar sealed with Loctite Super Glue was provided. Like King Arthur, the person who managed to open the jar using only their hands would win €50 in cash.

And we can tell you that the winners were not many.

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