At Sarawak, we believe in creating unforgettable brand experiences, and our collaboration with EMMI is a shining example of this. In close partnership with EMMI’s brand activation department, we developed targeted campaign tools to measure and refine the impact of these samplings.

Our field sales professionals then entered the stores, armed not only with product knowledge but also with specially designed campaign merchandising coolers. With attention to detail and a passion for the brand experience, they strategically placed these coolers at key locations in the stores, bringing EMMI’s campaigns to life in an impressive manner.

The results poke for themselves: increased brand visibility, positive consumer reactions, and a demonstrable rise in sales. This case study demonstrates that a close collaboration between EMMI and Sarawak not only leads to effective brand activation but also tangible success in the retail environment.

Curious about how Sarawak can make a difference for your brand? Contact us and explore together the possibilities for an unforgettable brand activation. Sarawak, where brands come to life.

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