Samsung Galaxy Flip 5 and Galaxy Fold 5 in the Spotlight

Sarawak sets the standard for a flawless product launch, as seen in the rollout of the Samsung Galaxy Flip 5 and Galaxy Fold 5. Our strategic installation of demo products and eye-catching POS material created an unmistakable in-store experience. With a top team of 11 technical merchandisers, we visited an impressive 300 stores in a period of just 5 working days.

Our rapid deployment translated not only into efficiency but also into tangible results. The products became quickly available to consumers, leading to a significant increase in visibility and a noticeable rise in consumer interest. At Sarawak, we understand that a quick go-to-market is directly linked to strong sales figures.

The impact of our efforts was not solely focused on the launch but on creating lasting impressions in the retail environment. Curious about how Sarawak can assist your brand? Reach out and discover with us the next step in a successful brand activation. Sarawak, where speed and success go hand in hand.

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