The challenge/mission

Clipper Tea and Abbot Kinney’s face some challenges in Retail. Competition, visibility, stock management, consumer perceptions and seasonality are just some of the obstacles the brand must overcome. An effective approach, including improving visibility, strategic inventory management and overcoming consumer perceptions, is essential to their success in the competitive marketplace. As well as bringing new products to stores for both brands.


As retail representatives for Clipper Tea, we use a variety of strategies to address the challenges and enhance the brand:

  1. We ensure maximum visibility by creating attractive displays and strategically placing products.
  2. We build strong relationships with store personnel.
  3. We bring targeted promotions to store locations to drive sales.
  4. We collect feedback to improve the brand experience.

By taking this approach, we can optimize Clipper Tea sales in Retail and take the brand to the next level.

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